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17-09-2016 | Pancreatic cancer | Article

Cross sectional and nuclear medicine imaging of pancreatic insulinomas

Abdominal Radiology

Authors: Sampanna Jung Rayamajhi, Jeff Lee, Bhagwant Rai Mittal, Aaron Craig Jessop, Beth Chasen, Priya Bhosale

Publisher: Springer US


Insulinomas are rare neuroendocrine tumors which occur predominantly in the pancreas. Although majority of the insulinomas are benign, over-secretion of insulin by the tumor leads to debilitating hypoglycemic symptoms. The diagnosis is based on clinical and biochemical findings. After the diagnosis is made, the principal challenge lies in locating the tumor because most tumors are solitary and small in size. Locating the tumor is of paramount importance as complete surgical excision is the only curative treatment, and incomplete resection leads to persistence of symptoms. Different preoperative and intraoperative imaging techniques have been used with varying success rates for the insulinoma imaging. Besides localizing the tumor, imaging also helps to guide biopsy, detect metastatic lesions, and perform image-guided therapeutic procedures. This review will discuss the role of different Cross sectional and nuclear medicine imaging modalities in insulinomas.

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