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ctDNA and bladder cancer: Current understanding and beyond

Insights on the Current Treatment Landscape and Managing Patient Health

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Urologist James Catto asks oncologist Thomas Powles key questions on the role of ctDNA in the understanding of urothelial cancer and its potential to improve treatment decision-making in the future.

About the experts

Professor Thomas Powles

Thomas Powles, MD, MRCP, MBBS, is a Professor of Genitourinary Oncology and Director of Barts Centre in London, UK. 


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  • Travel/accommodation: Roche, Pfizer, MSD, AstraZeneca, Ipsen

Professor James Catto

James Catto is NIHR Research Professor, Professor of Urological Surgery at the University of Sheffield and an Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.  


  • Consulting fees from AstraZeneca, Ferring, Ipsen, Roche, and Janssen; 
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