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Next-generation sequencing: Emerging biomarkers in thyroid and NSCLCs

Watch the vodcast on emerging biomarkers in thyroid and non-small cell lung cancers

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Next-generation sequencing is a powerful tool that can identify mutations or fusions in a wide range of cancers, enabling physicians to provide targeted therapy to patients and improve outcomes. In this vodcast, Professor Andrew Beggs discusses practical aspects of this technique from the clinical viewpoint. 

00:00 – Introduction from Professor Beggs
02:00 – Biopsy types for NGS
06:50 – DNA versus RNA for analysis
12:37 – Processing considerations – an NHS case study
15:30 – Integrating genomic profiling into patient care and management
22:12 – Conclusions

About the expert

Prof. Andrew Beggs

Prof. Beggs is a Professor of Cancer Genetics & Surgery in the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, University of Birmingham and Deputy Director of the Birmingham Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre.


  • Grant funding: AstraZeneca Plc, Incyte Inc, MSD, Moderna, Oxford Nanopore, Thermo Scientific, Illumina, BioNano, Innova Medical
  • Travel & conference funding: Oxford Nanopore, Thermo Scientific, Illumina, Bayer
  • Consultancy: Oxford Nanopore, Check4Cancer, Kiffik Biomedical, 2CureX Ag
  • In kind support: MGITech, Illumina, Congenica, Qiagen 
  • Salary support: MRC Senior Clinical Fellowship

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