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30-04-2020 | Guidelines | News


​​​​​​​ESMO issues guidance for cancer patient management in COVID-19 era

Author: Shreeya Nanda


medwireNews: ESMO has provided recommendations to guide the management of cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As explained on the website: “These recommendations should be used as guidance for prioritising the various aspects of cancer care in order to mitigate the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the management of cancer patients.”

The guidance outlines groups that may be at specific risk for acquiring COVID-19, symptoms to watch out for, and steps that should be taken in the event of these symptoms developing.

There is also general guidance on cancer treatment decisions and patient prioritization. For instance, ESMO strongly recommends phone or web-based communication with patients and other physicians wherever possible and stresses that risk–benefit profiles of cancer treatment be considered in the setting of the ongoing pandemic.

The society has also provided specific guidance by tumor types, such as breast or lung cancer, and for certain scenarios, such as palliative care.

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30 April 2020: The coronavirus pandemic is affecting all healthcare professionals across the globe. Medicine Matters’ focus, in this difficult time, is the dissemination of the latest data to support you in your research and clinical practice, based on the scientific literature. We will update the information we provide on the site, as the data are published. However, please refer to your own professional and governmental guidelines for the latest guidance in your own country.