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14-06-2018 | Lung cancer | ASCO 2018 | Video

Expert commentary: Lung cancer highlights, including the KEYNOTE-042 and CCGA studies

ASCO expert David Graham comments on the plenary KEYNOTE-042 trial, putting the findings in context of other recent research, and highlights the initial report from the CCGA study that could pave the way for a novel lung cancer screening approach. (5:02)

08-06-2018 | Pancreatic cancer | ASCO 2018 | Video

Researcher comment: Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy beneficial for resectable pancreatic cancer

Preliminary findings from the PREOPANC -1 trial suggest that neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy may be beneficial for patients with resectable pancreatic cancer. Lead author Geertjan Van Tienhoven outlines the results and discusses the challenges of conducting this trial. (3:46)

Watch the accompanying expert commentary.

08-06-2018 | Lung cancer | ASCO 2018 | Video

Expert highlights: An update from ASCO 2018 on targeted therapies in lung cancer

Advisory Board member Ross Camidge takes us through the latest research on ALK inhibitors and other targeted therapies for lung cancer, including updated data from the ALEX trial (8:46).

08-06-2018 | Pancreatic cancer | ASCO 2018 | Video

Researcher comment: Adjuvant mFOLFIRINOX shows benefits over gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer

Presenting author Thierry Conroy provides an overview of the PRODIGE 24 trial showing adjuvant modified FOLFIRINOX outplays gemcitabine in patients with operable pancreatic cancer (3:58).

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07-06-2018 | Lung cancer | ASCO 2018 | Video

Expert highlights: Lung cancer research from ASCO 2018

Watch this video to find out which studies reported at the ASCO Annual Meeting 2018 caught the interest of Advisory board member Lecia Sequist. She also talks about her own research presented at the conference (6:38).

06-06-2018 | Gastrointestinal cancers | ASCO 2018 | Video

Expert commentary: GI highlights including the PRODIGE 7, PRODIGE 24, and PREOPANC trials

ASCO expert Andrew Epstein gives his account of some of the key trial findings in  gastointestinal cancer from this year's meeting (9:05).


05-04-2018 | Uveal melanoma | Podcast | Audio

SUMIT: Selumetinib in metastatic uveal melanoma

This edition of the medwireNews podcast focuses on a recent trial of the MEK inhibitor selumetinib in metastatic uveal melanoma. Advisory Board member and study author Paul Nathan outlines the findings and discusses the wider implications.

01-02-2018 | Malignant pleural effusion | Podcast | Audio

Expert comment: AMPLE trial

Listen to Fabien Maldonado, from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, give his views on the AMPLE trial, which aimed to establish the more effective technique for reducing the number of hospitalization days in patients with malignant pleural effusion.

12-09-2017 | Cervical cancer | Podcast | Audio

Bevacizumab in cervical cancer

The phase III GOG 240 trial evaluated bevacizumab in women with advanced cervical cancer - Advisory Board member and lead investigator Krishnansu Tewari outlines the results of the final analysis in this podcast.

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