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01-01-2015 | Uterine cancer | Book chapter | Article

40. Hormone Therapy in Normal Postmenopausal Women and After Treatment for Endometrial Cancer

Authors: MD, DNB Nilanchali Singh, MD, FAMS Shalini Rajaram, MD, FAMS, FIMSA, FICOG, FFGSI Neerja Goel

Publisher: Springer India


About 20–25 % of women with endometrial carcinomas are diagnosed premenopausaly [1]. Hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy the obligatory operative therapy, results in surgically induced menopause. The abrupt loss of estrogen gives rise to deficiency symptoms, mainly hot flushes, sleep disorders, and depressive mood, reducing quality of life. Hormone therapy (HT) has been used for decades to improve quality of life of menopausal women by reducing menopausal symptoms. The role of hormone therapy in women with endometrial cancer and risk of endometrial cancer in women on hormones will be discussed in this chapter.

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