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01-01-2015 | Uterine cancer | Book chapter | Article

1. Epidemiology of Endometrial Cancers and Uterine Sarcomas

Authors: MD Gauravi Mishra, Sharmila Pimple, Surendra Shastri

Publisher: Springer India


Globally, cancer of the body of the uterus, also known as corpus uteri cancer, is the sixth most common cancer among women. It has been estimated that in the year 2012, cancers of the corpus uteri accounted for 319,605 new cases. This accounted for 4.8 % of the total cancers among women with an age-standardized rate (ASR) of 8.3 per 100,000 women. There were an estimated 76,160 deaths due to endometrial cancers among women globally during 2012.

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