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10-04-2019 | Urothelial cancer | Video | Article

Adjuvant chemotherapy for upper tract urothelial cancer

Speaker: Alison Birtle

Alison Birtle (Rosemere Cancer Centre, Royal Preston Hospital, UK) discusses the rationale for adjuvant chemotherapy for upper tract urothelial cancer (UTUC), which led to the POUT trial, and describes the practice-changing implications of the trial for treatment of UTUC (25:06).


1:20: What data do we have to guide practice?

2:23: Where does the POUT trial fit into this?

5:20: What did POUT investigate?

8:58: What was the study design?

10:14: What were the results of POUT?

13:08: What are the implications for clinical practice?

16:54: Where does immunotherapy fit in this setting?

20:03: What is the outlook for UTUC?

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