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PILC 2016 17th European Congress – Independent satellite sysmposium

Chaired by Giorgio Scagliotti and Pieter Postmus with Silvia Novello, Fabrice Barlesi, and Erik Thunnissen

Held on Friday 4th March 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic

An independent satellite symposium held in conjunction with the 17th European Congress: Perspectives in Lung Cancer. PILC provides a unique environment for a focused dialogue among experts in lung cancer. It is within this environment that we provided a highly interactive learning experience for international Health Care Professionals that care for patients with advanced NSCLC. The symposium adopted a case-focussed approach with the aim of aiding attendees in confirming their current practices and optimizing their patient care.

Scientific summary

We are pleased to provide the Scientific Summary from this independent symposium, including slides and video presentations from the event.

We also report on the panel discussion which addressed key topics such as:

  • ALK FISH criteria – how well defined?
  • EGFR T790M mutation – when to shift treatment?
  • Second-line NSCLC therapy decisions and tumour morphology

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Expert interview

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Learning objectives

Following attendance at this symposium delegates are expected to:

  • Understand how best to use re-biopsy and liquid biopsy to guide therapy for advanced and metastatic NSCLC
  • Understand and demonstrate knowledge on how to best use the rapidly expanding and complex range of treatment options for the individual patient with advanced and metastatic NSCLC
  • Understand the emerging therapies for advanced and metastatic NSCLC and the future treatment paradigms they create

Faculty bios

Educational Grant

This programme was made possible thanks to an educational grant received from Eli Lilly and Company.

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