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20-02-2017 | Cancer pain | Article

Multidimensional Treatment of Cancer Pain

Current Oncology Reports

Authors: Weiyang Christopher Liu, Zhong Xi Zheng, Kian Hian Tan, Gregory J. Meredith

Publisher: Springer US


Purpose of review

Though numerous treatment options are available to address cancer pain, inadequate management continues to be an ongoing problem worldwide.

Recent findings

A systematic review of the recent scientific literature was conducted with attention to new therapies along with reports of general consensus that were analyzed.


Pain research continues to be difficult and though numerous guidelines have been developed, adequate powered studies are not common. Good practice would suggest a comprehensive approach to cancer pain management taking into account the many options available and treating each patient with a personalized therapeutic program. Though there is a very low number of randomized control trials, this probably reflects the difficulty in conducting these studies in heterogeneous cancer pain patient populations in sufficient numbers to yield credible study power.

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