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01-01-2015 | Uterine cancer | Book chapter | Article

25. Diagnosis and Management of Stage II Endometrial Cancer

Authors: MD Rebecca A. Previs, MD, MPH Diane C. Bodurka

Publisher: Springer India


Current staging guidelines define stage II endometrial carcinoma as a tumor that invades the cervical stroma but does not extend beyond the uterus. If the patient is deemed medically operable, surgical management remains the primary treatment modality with the goal of removing all gross disease. Pathologic evaluation of the surgical specimen can help tailor adjuvant chemotherapy. Previously, adjuvant radiation was a mainstay of treatment, but controversies exist about this modality given the lack of data to support improved overall survival. High-risk histologic subtypes (serous, clear cell, carcinosarcoma, high-grade endometrial sarcoma, and leiomyosarcoma) should receive adjuvant chemotherapy with or without tumor-directed radiation.

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