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09-02-2017 | Image

Table 2: Prognostic and predictive value of TILs in TNBC.

*In continuous evaluation, unit increases in the marker (sTILs or iTILs) — without any cut-off points — are evaluated. In categorical evaluation, the marker is evaluated by applying cut-off points to define high and low groups; cut-off points can vary across different studies. ‡The cut-off for lymphocyte-predominant breast cancer (LPBC) definition was ≥50% or >50% according to different studies. CT, chemotherapy; DFS, disease-free survival; ER, oestrogen receptor; iTIL, intratumoural TIL; OS, overall survival; pCR, pathological complete response; PgR, progesterone receptor; sTIL, stromal TIL; TIL, tumour-inflitrating lymphocyte; TNBC, triple-negative breast cancer.

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