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17-06-2019 | Prostate cancer | Video | Article

MRI-targeted biopsy for prostate cancer diagnosis

Speaker: Veeru Kasivisvanathan

In this video, study author Veeru Kasivisvanthan (Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, UK) describes the rationale and results of the PRECISION (Prostate Evaluation for Clinically Important Disease: Sampling Using Image Guidance or Not?) trial which tested the noninferiority of multiparametric MRI over standard TRUS biopsy, as well as providing specific advice to clinicians regarding the use of this approach.


1:13 What was the study design?

2:06 What were the results and their implications for practice?

2:32 For which patients would you recommend an MRI prior to biopsy?

3:12 Is there a PSA threshold for a biopsy?

3:53 Do you recommend doing an MRI before the first biopsy or awaiting a negative first TRUS biopsy?

4:33 Which type of MRI-targeted biopsy do you recommend?

5:07 Are there any long-term problems with using gadolinium as a contrast agent?

6:27 What future work is required in this area?


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