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07-03-2016 | Pediatric leukemia | Article

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Leukemia

Current Treatment Options in Oncology

Authors: PhD Todd M. Gibson, MD, MS Matthew J. Ehrhardt, PT, PhD Kirsten K. Ness

Publisher: Springer US


Treatment-related obesity and the metabolic syndrome in adult survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Both conditions often begin during therapy. Preventive measures, including dietary counseling and tailored exercise, should be initiated early in the course of survivorship, with referral to specialists to optimize success. However, among adults who develop obesity or the metabolic syndrome and who do not respond to lifestyle therapy, medical intervention may be indicated to manage underlying pathology, such as growth hormone deficiency, or to mitigate risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Because no specific clinical trials have been done in this population to treat metabolic syndrome or its components, clinicians who follow adult survivors of childhood ALL should use the existing American Heart Association/National Heart Lung and Blood Institute Scientific Statement to guide their approach.

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