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09-03-2017 | Lymphoma | Case report | Article

Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

Belen Rubio Gonzalez, Steven T Rosen, Christiane Querfeld
An 83-year-old female presented with a progressing pruritic cutaneous rash that started 8 years ago. On clinical exam there were numerous coalescing, infiltrated, scaly, and partially crusted erythematous plaques distributed over her trunk and extremities and a large fungating ulcerated nodule on her right thigh covering 75% of her total body surface area (Figure 10.1). Lymphoma-associated alopecia and a left axillary lymphadenopathy were also noted. For the past 3–4 months she reported fatigue, severe pruritus, night sweats, 20 pounds of weight loss, and loss of appetite. 
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