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Lung cancer


12-04-2018 | EGFR signalling | Primer | Collection

EGFR signaling in cancer

This downloadable powerpoint slide set includes a variety of high quality illustrations relating to the role of the epidermal growth factor receptor pathway in the pathogenesis and progression of cancer and as a target for anti-cancer therapy.

19-10-2017 | Lung and thoracic tumors | Guideline | Article

Lung and thoracic cancers clinical guidelines

A comprehensive set of clinical practice guidelines for lung and thoracic cancer from a wide range of relevant organizations.

01-02-2017 | Immunotherapy | Primer | Collection

The fundamentals of cancer immunotherapy

A introductory guide to cancer immunotherapy for non-specialists, focusing primarily on the mechanisms of immune checkpoint inhibition and the role of these agents in anticancer therapy.

08-08-2017 | Non-small cell lung cancer | At a glance | Article

At a glance: The KEYNOTE lung cancer trials

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of KEYNOTE trials? Cannot keep them straight in your head? Here is our quick guide to the KEYNOTE lung cancer trials.

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