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11-10-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | ESMO 2019 | News

IMpower110: OS boost with first-line atezolizumab in PD-L1-high metastatic NSCLC

An interim analysis of the IMpower110 study has demonstrated an overall survival improvement with atezolizumab versus chemotherapy in treatment-naïve patients with stage IV non-small-cell lung cancer and high levels of PD-L1 expression.

10-10-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | ESMO 2019 | News

​​​​​​​Nivolumab–ipilimumab an option for untreated, advanced NSCLC regardless of PD-L1 levels

Individuals with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer derive an overall survival benefit from first-line treatment with nivolumab plus ipilimumab irrespective of PD-L1 expression, report the CheckMate 227 investigators.

09-10-2019 | Mesothelioma | ESMO 2019 | News

No survival improvement with pembrolizumab in malignant pleural mesothelioma

Pembrolizumab does not confer a progression free survival or overall survival advantage in previously treated patients with advanced malignant pleural mesothelioma, suggest findings from the PROMISE-meso trial.

04-10-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | Video | Article

Expert comment: The CheckMate 227 study

Sanjay Popat brings context to the CheckMate 227 data in light of the currently available options for patients with treatment-naïve, advanced non-small-cell lung cancer, highlighting the key aspects physicians need to bear in mind when considering nivolumab­ plus ipilimumab for their patients (2:20).

04-10-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | News

Metformin prolongs PFS in patients with EGFR-mutated lung adenocarcinoma

Research published in JAMA Oncology shows that patients with EGFR-mutated lung adenocarcinoma have prolonged progression free survival when tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment is supplemented with metformin.

03-10-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | Video | Article

Expert comment: Brain metastases in lung cancer

Lizza Hendriks provides insight into two studies focusing on brain metastases in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer, the ASCEND-7 trial of ceritinib and an analysis of the genomic and epigenomic landscape of the metastases (4:26).

03-10-2019 | Small-cell lung cancer | ESMO 2019 | News

CASPIAN: Adding durvalumab to chemotherapy improves SCLC PROs

The combination of durvalumab plus chemotherapy is associated with better patient-reported outcomes than chemotherapy alone, suggests data from the CASPIAN trial comprising treatment-naïve individuals with extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer.

02-10-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | Video | Article

Expert highlights: Lung and thoracic cancers at ESMO 2019

Ross Camidge comments on the advanced non-small-cell lung cancer research that caught his attention at the ESMO Congress 2019, including the FLAURA and CheckMate 227 overall survival data, and updates on brigatinib and lorlatinib (3:01).

01-10-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | Video | Article

Researcher comment: Take-home messages from the CheckMate 227 trial

Solange Peters discusses the implications of the CheckMate 227 findings for the front-line treatment of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer and outlines the key next steps (3:45).

01-10-2019 | Mesothelioma | Video | Article

Researcher comment: PROMISE-meso trial fails to meet primary endpoint

Sanjay Popat reports on the trial pitting pembrolizumab against chemotherapy in relapsed malignant pleural mesothelioma and outlines possible strategies for taking immune checkpoint inhibitors forward (4:53). 

29-09-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | ESMO 2019 | News

FLAURA shows OS boost with osimertinib in advanced NSCLC

The FLAURA trial comparing osimertinib with erlotinib or gefitinib in the first-line treatment of EGFR-mutated, advanced non-small-cell lung cancer has shown positive overall survival results favoring the third-generation EGFR–tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

29-09-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | Video | Article

Researcher comment: Positive OS data for osimertinib in FLAURA trial

Suresh Ramalingam presents the overall survival analysis of the FLAURA trial of osimertinib in EGFR mutation-positive, advanced non-small-cell lung cancer, and discusses the options after progression on the tyrosine kinase inhibitor (1:50).

27-09-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | Editorial | Article

Current therapies for advanced NSCLC: The role of maintenance therapy in an immunotherapy world

Thomas Stinchcombe (Duke Cancer Institute, USA) examines the development of maintenance regimens and where they fit as immunotherapy continues to change treatment paradigms for NSCLC.

24-09-2019 | Checkpoint blockade | News

Inflammatory arthritis persists post immune- checkpoint inhibitor therapy

Immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced inflammatory arthritis among patients with cancer may need long-term management by rheumatologists after cessation of treatment, but does not appear to affect cancer outcomes, say researchers.

23-09-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | WCLC 2019 | Article

Expert comment: AMG 510 KRAS inhibitor trial results – ‘A good start’

LISTEN | Colin Lindsay discusses the trial results for AMG 510 – a novel inhibitor targeting the KRAS G12C mutation –  in patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer (3:40).

18-09-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | WCLC 2019 | News

Nivolumab confers NSCLC survival advantage over 5 years

Individuals with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer continue to derive a long-term survival benefit from second- or later-line treatment with nivolumab versus docetaxel, according to 5-year results from the CheckMate 017 and 057 trials.

18-09-2019 | Small-cell lung cancer | News

Trilaciclib shows myelopreservation benefits in patients with SCLC

Trilaciclib affords myelopreservation in individuals with small-cell lung cancer treated with first-line chemotherapy, without impacting treatment efficacy, research indicates.

17-09-2019 | Immunotherapy | Highlight | News

Notable number of patients taking immune checkpoint inhibitors hospitalized with irAEs

Patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitor treatment have an increased risk for being hospitalized with immune-related adverse events, particularly if they are older or taking combination treatments, researchers report.

16-09-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | WCLC 2019 | News

Special NSCLC populations can benefit from nivolumab plus ipilimumab

Non-small-cell lung cancer patients with poor performance status or comorbidity experience a similar adverse event rate to those with normal performance status when treated with nivolumab plus ipilimumab, say researchers.

13-09-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | WCLC 2019 | News

IMpower131: Strongly PD-L1-positive NSCLC patients may benefit from atezolizumab–chemotherapy

The final analysis of the IMpower131 trial reveals an overall survival benefit with the addition of atezolizumab to carboplatin and nab-paclitaxel chemotherapy for treatment-naïve patients with stage IV squamous non-small-cell lung cancer who strongly express PD-L1.

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