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Lung cancer

News and opinion

08-03-2019 | Guidelines | News

Consensus guidelines for management of comorbid rheumatoid arthritis, cancer examined

A systematic review of consensus recommendations for the management of rheumatoid arthritis in patients with cancer shows agreement in some areas, but highlights the need for further research into topics for which discrepancies exist.

05-03-2019 | EMA | News

Lorlatinib given European NSCLC approval

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04-03-2019 | Autoimmune diseases | News

Vitiligo may protect against internal malignancy

Patients with the autoimmune disorder vitiligo have a “markedly reduced” risk for developing malignancies of internal organs compared with other individuals, Korean researchers report.

01-03-2019 | Immunotherapy | News

Sex disparity identified for hyperprogressive disease after immunotherapy

Women may be at greater risk than men for experiencing hyperprogression as a response to cancer treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors, say researchers.

28-02-2019 | Lung cancer | At a glance | Article

At a glance: CheckMate lung cancer trials

Here we round up the CheckMate trials evaluating the PD-1 inhibitor nivolumab in non-small-cell lung cancer and small-cell lung cancer.

27-02-2019 | EMA | News

EMA recommends dacomitinib for EGFR activating mutation-positive NSCLC

Read more on this decision here

26-02-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | News

Stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy benefits shown in early NSCLC

Patients with inoperable peripherally located stage 1 non-small-cell lung cancer achieve better local control and overall survival with stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy than with standard radiotherapy, phase III study data show.

13-02-2019 | Checkpoint blockade | News

Immune checkpoint inhibitors viable in advanced cancer complicated by HIV

Immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy is well tolerated by patients with HIV infection and advanced-stage cancer and does not appear to adversely affect HIV viral load or CD4 cell count, suggest results of a systematic data review.

01-02-2019 | EMA | News

EMA gives biosimilar bevacizumab positive opinion

Read more on this decision here

31-01-2019 | Lung cancer | News

Lung cancer OS benefit with patient-reported symptom monitoring

A web-based patient-reported system for monitoring symptoms after treatment for lung cancer is associated with significantly better overall survival than standard scheduled imaging, trial results show.

30-01-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | News

MET copy number gain insignificant for TKI response in EGFR-positive NSCLC

The level of mesenchymal epithelial transition factor copy number gain does not affect response to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in patients with metastatic epidermal growth factor receptor-mutated non-small-cell lung cancer, research shows.

28-01-2019 | Immunotherapy | Podcast | Audio

Understanding the relationship between the gut microbiome and immunotherapy

Jennifer Wargo, from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, USA, shares her insights into recent research showing an association between intestinal microbiota and response to immunotherapy (13:27).

25-01-2019 | Oncogenic viruses | News

Hepatitis screening “may be warranted” following cancer diagnosis

The prevalence of hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus infection in patients with newly diagnosed cancer is similar to that of the US population, but a “substantial proportion” of patients are unaware of their infection, research shows.

18-01-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | News

Prolonged OS possible for ALK-positive stage IV NSCLC

Individuals with stage IV non-small-cell lung cancer harboring anaplastic lymphoma kinase translocations can hope to achieve overall survival of nearly 7 years, suggests a US cohort analysis.

15-01-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | News

miRNA signature could supplement PD-L1 as NSCLC immunotherapy marker

Combining a plasma-based microRNA signature with tumoral tissue expression of programmed cell death ligand 1 could help identify advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients who are unlikely to benefit from immune checkpoint inhibition, suggests an exploratory study.

11-01-2019 | Tyrosine kinase inhibitors | News

Concomitant TKI–PPI use may adversely affect cancer patient survival

Taking proton pump inhibitors alongside tyrosine kinase inhibitors is associated with an increased mortality risk in older cancer patients, research indicates.

10-01-2019 | Non-small cell lung cancer | News

Autoimmune antibodies predict clinical benefit, adverse events in NSCLC

The presence of some autoimmune antibodies prior to treatment with programmed cell death protein 1 inhibitors is associated with both clinical benefit and immune-related adverse events in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer, researchers report.

07-01-2019 | Mesothelioma | News

Anti-PD-L1 agent shows promise in malignant mesothelioma

The programmed cell death ligand 1 inhibitor avelumab has clinical activity and a manageable toxicity profile in patients with previously treated, unresectable malignant mesothelioma, according to phase Ib trial results.

04-01-2019 | FDA | News

Atezolizumab, larotrectinib approvals announced by FDA

More information on use of these agents here

21-12-2018 | Lung cancer | News

Lung cancer ctDNA sequencing allows timely initiation of targeted therapy

Digital next-generation sequencing of circulating tumor DNA is a clinically useful option for advanced lung adenocarcinoma patients with insufficient tumor biopsy samples, say researchers.

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