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05-12-2014 | Hematologic cancers | Book chapter | Article

10. Principles of Chemotherapy in Hodgkin Lymphoma

Authors: MD, FRCP Peter Johnson, MD David Straus

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


Hodgkin lymphoma was the malignant disease for which the possibility of cure with combination chemotherapy in the majority of patients was first realized. As such it has provided a model upon which studies in many other types of malignancy have been based, and it is interesting to follow the trajectory of knowledge from early single-agent work through combinations, combined modalities, increasing complexity, and most recently selective de-escalation. Patients with advanced disease represent a minority of those affected by Hodgkin lymphoma. However, these patients represent the group in which the development and effects of chemotherapy are most readily appreciated, since the role of radiation therapy is markedly less than in those with localized disease.

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