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22-02-2015 | Gynecologic cancers | Article

Modern radiation therapy and potential fertility preservation strategies in patients with cervical cancer undergoing chemoradiation

Radiation Oncology

Authors: Pirus Ghadjar, Volker Budach, Christhardt Köhler, Andreas Jantke, Simone Marnitz

Publisher: BioMed Central


Young patients with cervical cancer who undergo chemoradiation might be interested in fertility preservation, not only dependent upon the use of a gestational carrier as maybe achieved by the use of ovarian transposition and cryo-conservation of oocytes or ovarian tissue, but may prefer to carry pregnancy to term after cancer treatment. The latter approach is a non-established concept needing both modern radiation therapy approaches as well as modifications -if at all possible- in current recommendations for target volume delineation to spare dose to the unaffected uterus. Future strategies to serve selected patients in this respect should only be conducted in prospective clinical evaluations and are critically discussed in this article.

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