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01-04-2016 | Gynecologic cancers | Article

12. Managing Cervical Cancer During Pregnancy

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


Cervical cancer is one of the four most common malignancies in pregnancy. The coincidence of cancer diagnosed in pregnancy generally increases. Because pregnancy itself does not negatively influence the prognosis of cervical cancer patients, pregnancy-preserving management should be considered as majority of cases are diagnosed at the early stage of disease. Pelvic lymphadenectomy as a staging procedure can be safely performed until the 22nd gestational week. Abdominal or vaginal radical trachelectomy during pregnancy poses unacceptable risk to mother and foetus and therefore this procedure is not recommended. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy represents one of the most applicable treatment options in pregnancy-preserving management. Treatment decision must be done within an experienced, multidisciplinary team.

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