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28-04-2017 | Genitourinary cancers | Conference report | Article

Highlights from the 2017 Genitourinary Cancer Symposium (ASCO-GU), Orlando, Florida, USA

Axel S Merseburger MD
Unfortunately, one in five men with an advanced germ cell tumor who undergo primary chemotherapy for metastatic disease will experience a recurrence. In this situation, high-dose salvage chemotherapy is an option. A phase II study from Toulouse revealed interesting insights on carboplatin dosing in TI-CE high-dose therapy (paclitaxel 200 mg/m2 on day 1 plus ifosfamide 2 g/m2 on days 2–4, every 2 weeks, followed by carboplatin area under the curve (AUC) 24 mg.min/mL on days 1–3 plus etoposide 400 mg/m2 on days 1–3, every 3 weeks, in combination with stem cell reinfusion) [1]. The objective was to optimize the dose of carboplatin and reach the AUC of 24 mg.min/mL carboplatin by therapeutic drug monitoring. The primary endpoint was complete response (CR) and a historic cohort served as the control group.

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