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26-04-2016 | Genitourinary cancers | Book chapter | Article

6. Docetaxel in Advanced and Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer

Authors: Daniel P. Petrylak, Navid Hafez

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


In 2004, two randomized trials demonstrated that docetaxel based therapy had superior survival in castrate resistant metastatic disease when compared to the then standard of care, mitoxantrone combined with corticosteroids. Today, docetaxel, along with fellow taxane cabazitaxel, remain the primary chemotherapeutic agents in metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer. This chapter will summarize the mechanisms of docetaxel efficacy and resistance in prostate cancer, review the data for docetaxel use in metastatic castrate resistant disease including data on docetaxel in combination with other agents, and highlight the emerging role for docetaxel in hormone sensitive metastatic and local disease.

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