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11-06-2015 | Gastric cancer | Book chapter | Article

4. Pathology of Gastric Cancer

Authors: MD, PhD Laura H. Tang, MD Luke V. Selby

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


Gastric carcinoma represents a group of heterogeneous diseases from its epidemiology, etiology, clinical presentations, pathologic phenotype, and genotype. Management of individual patients with gastric cancer requires the knowledge of all aspects of the disease. This chapter intends to address issues related to pathogenesis, pathobiology, classification and staging, specific diagnostic challenges, and the pathologic assessment post neoadjuvant therapy of gastric carcinoma. Furthermore, recent advances in molecular classification of gastric cancer have served as a valuable adjunct to clinical and pathologic phenotype of the disease. The combined clinical, pathologic, and genetic effort in understanding the disease will certainly facilitate personalized treatment and ultimately improve survival from gastric cancer.

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