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18-06-2019 | CNS metastases | Video | Article

Managing brain metastases in lung cancer

Speaker: Manmeet Ahluwalia


The lung is the most common primary tumor site of brain metastases (BMs), and a substantial proportion of lung cancer patients will be diagnosed with BMs at some point during their disease. Patients with BMs incur significant morbidity and mortality, and survival following diagnosis remains poor, though prognosis can vary depending on the molecular subtype of the patient.  

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28-07-2018 | CNS metastases | Article

Prognostic Classification Systems for Brain Metastases

Sperduto PW. In: Adult CNS Radiation Oncology. Edited by Chang EL, Brown PD, Lo SS, Sahgal A, Suh JH. Springer International Publishing AG 2018. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-42878-9

Treatment options

The management of BMs has advanced significantly as identifying and treating lung cancer patients based on whether they have targetable mutations has become standard practice. Moreover, immunotherapies which have had success in treating advanced lung cancer also show promise in this setting.

Future outlook

With the rapid pace of development of therapies for lung cancer that can be effective for brain metastases and ongoing clinical trials in this area, there is significant hope for improving outcomes for lung cancer patients with BMs.


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