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01-08-2014 | Breast cancer | Book chapter | Article

3. Mammography Techniques, Positioning, and Optimizing Image Quality

Authors: MD Tamara Ortiz-Perez, MD, MPH, FACR, FACPM Alfred B. Watson Jr.

Publisher: Springer New York


Optimal mammographic technique is one of the cornerstones of breast cancer detection and diagnosis. Both mammographic positioning and technique are essential in order to achieve the goal of early detection of breast cancer. In this chapter, we will discuss the various components to the imaging chain that must be carefully monitored in order to produce an optimal mammogram for the radiologist to read as well as common artifacts and some troubleshooting techniques. Requirements have been established for all personnel involved in any facet of mammography (such as production, processing, and interpretation of mammograms as well as the associated quality assurance (QA) activities. Each facility also has to establish and maintain a quality assurance program in order to ensure the safety, reliability, clarity, and accuracy of all of the mammography services performed. These quality standards will be discussed in more detail as part of this chapter.

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