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17-11-2016 | Breast cancer | Book chapter | Article

18. Adjuvant Systemic Treatment for Breast Cancer: An Overview

Authors: Rachel Nirsimloo, David A. Cameron

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


The survival of patients with early breast cancer has significantly improved in recent years. Many factors have contributed to this, including the widespread use of postoperative, adjuvant, systemic therapy. This chapter reviews the rationale and both early and more recent clinical trials that provide the evidence supporting this approach. It discusses data for chemotherapy, endocrine therapy and anti-HER2 blockade, and considers more recent data with bisphosphonates. It also reviews emerging data from multi-parameter genomic tests that enhance prognostication and may have predictive use with regard to chemotherapy sensitivity. It will not propose “best regimens” as the choice of agents depends on a number of factors which can be specific to the individual patient and/or the centre where they are being treated.

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