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03-02-2015 | Basal cell carcinoma | Article

Management of high-risk and advanced basal cell carcinoma

Clinical and Translational Oncology

Authors: S. Puig, A. Berrocal

Publisher: Springer Milan


Despite that basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is curative in the vast majority of cases, some patients are at high risk of recurrence and, in a few patients, lesions can progress to a point unsuitable for local therapy and prognosis is quite poor. The aim of the present work is to review clinical and pathologic characteristics as well as classical and new treatment options for high-risk, metastatic and locally advanced BCC. Surgery and radiotherapy remain the selected treatments for the majority of high-risk lesions. However, some patients are located on a blurry clinical boundary between high-risk and locally advanced BCC. Treatment of these patients is challenging and need an individualized and highly specialized approach. The treatment of locally advanced BCC, in which surgery or radiotherapy is unfeasible, inappropriate or contraindicated, and metastatic BCC has changed with new Hedgehog pathway inhibitors of which vismodegib is the first drug approved by FDA and EMA.

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